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My man <3

5 Dec

My last, and first,post was extremely depressing. This one is going to be obnoxiously lovey to the point of a Taylor Swift song. (LOVE her).

My Boyfriend is the most amazing person in the world He makes me laugh, smile, cry, everything! We have been together for three years now since we were 15 <3. I love it cause people say high school relationships are meaningless when it honestly depends on the people. He is so sweet He has the most caring eyes and can say things that sweep me off my feet ❤ in text atleast… He loves me and plans to marry me 🙂 He said so 😀 He really tries to take care of me. I belong to him. He is so cautious of me and I’m “His girl” LOVE IT! If you have read Twilight imagine how Edward is protective over Bella and that’s how he is to me 🙂 He’s my life and I’d do anything for him. He’s everything to me and all that I have ❤ Words can’t explain it… I wish he could propose to me ❤ I want it more than anything.